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Apollo LED Light Fixtures

Apollo LED Pendant Light Fixture Apollo LED Pendant Light Fixture Apollo LED Pendant Light Fixture Apollo LED Pendant Light Fixture
Product Code: 814-0011 - 814-0014
Key Features
  • Modern architectural design.

  • Interconnectable design (up to 10 Apollos).

  • Range of metallic finish colours.

  • Instant on/off - no flicker or buzz.

  • No mercury allowing for non-hazardous waste disposal.

  • Energy saving and environment friendly.

Product Description

The Apollo LED light fixture is a modern, architectural pendant or surface mounted light fixture.

This luxurious light weight aluminium housing LED lamp is available in a range of vibrant powder coated metallic colours. The Apollo LED light fixture offers energy cost savings as well as luxurious design, using a fraction of the energy of traditional flourescent style fittings.

The Apollo fittings are inter-connectable, looping power from the first fitting on the system to the next (link up to 10 fittings). Making it simple to customise lighting length for the project in hand.

Applications include, commercial lighting, architectural lighting, restaurant lighting, hotel lighting, bars and clubs, modern luxury kitchen lighting, residential properties.


Lighting Performance
Product Code Length Colour Temperature Lumen Output LED Quantity CRI Minimum Lifetime
814-0011 600mm


1800lm 92 >72 30,000hrs
814-0012 900mm 2700lm 144 >72 30,000hrs
814-0013 1200mm 3600lm 192 >72 30,000hrs
814-0014 1500mm 4500lm 240 >72 30,000hrs
N.B Lumen values quoted on Pure White (5665-6350k)
Input Data
Input Voltage Power Supply Type Power Factor Input Connection
100-240V AC Constant Current >0.9 Flying Leads
Operating Details
Product Code Length Power Storage Temperature Working Temperature Range
814-0011 600mm 20W -40 to +80 °C -20 to +40 °C
814-0012 900mm 30W -40 to +80 °C -20 to +40 °C
814-0013 1200mm 40W -40 to +80 °C -20 to +40 °C
814-0014 1500mm 50W -40 to +80 °C -20 to +40 °C
Physical Details
Product Code Length Weight Finish Mounting Ingress Protection
814-0011 600mm 1.7kg (±10g) White, Silver, Black, Red, Blue - MOQ of 10 Pendant or ceiling mounting IP20
814-0012 900mm 2.4Kg (±10g) Pendant or ceiling mounting IP20
814-0013 1200mm 3.6Kg (±10g) Pendant or ceiling mounting IP20
814-0014 1500mm 4.6Kg (±10g) Pendant or ceiling mounting IP20
Single LED Colours Optics
Warm White, Neutral White, Pure White 120°
Apollo Pendant LED Light Fixture - Apple Training Centre
Apollo Pendant LED Light Fixture - Surelight HQ Break Room
Mechanical Dimensions (Unit mm)
Apollo LED Light Fixture Mechanical Dimensions
Beam Angle
120° Beam Angle Light Fixture
White LED Light Fixture
Silver LED Light Fixture
Black LED Light Fixture
Red LED Light Fixture
Blue LED Light Fixture
Mounting Options
Pendant LED Light Fixture
Ceiling Mounted LED Light Fixture
Ceiling Mounted
Available Colours
Control Options
Switchable LED Lighting
Safety Certification
CE Certificate
RoHS 2002/95/EC Certificate
cUL Certificate
Ingress Protection
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