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LED High Bay & Industrial Lighting

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LED High Bay Lighting - LED Industrial Lighting

Factories and storage facilities are often open for many hours a day, those still using inefficient metal halide, high pressure sodium, mercury vapour or halogen high bay lighting are wasting money. Like a vampire, each one of those hundreds of lights suck up vast amounts of energy and bleed the company coffers, whilst at the same time throwing out an array of chemicals and metals which are bad for the environment; lead, mercury, argon, xenon or krypton gases to name a few.

Due to the nature of their use, bay lamps need replacing regularly, and these vampire lights can only live for around 6,000 – 10,000 hours. Changing them can be a major operation where high ceilings are involved; closing off areas of a warehouse, turning off machinery, erecting scaffolding or using a cherry picker – all time consuming and expensive.

Surelight has the perfect antidote here with its range of LED Industrial lighting/high bay lights. With a minimum life of 30,000 hours they offer the same brightness levels as traditional lighting but use a fraction of the power and require far less maintenance. They don't take an age to "warm up" to full power, provide an instant on/off light source and don't contain any harmful chemicals or metals. What more could a business want? Oh yes - they will save a fortune in energy costs!

SkyBay LED High Bays

Our SkyBay range will not only help achieve your energy saving cost targets it will also ensure you comply with environmental regulations such as the EU’s Energy-Using Products Directive (EuP).

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Fortis Linear LED

Surelight’s Fortis LED is vandal resistant to IK10 and water resistant to IP65, emergency versions available.

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SkyRack Warehouse LED Light Fixture

This specialist lighting fixture generates a rectangular beam of light perfect for Wwarehouse aisles. Compared to general COB and HID highbays the SkyRack saves more than 80% energy thanks to its high efficacy.

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Architectural LED High BaysProduct Discontinued

Equivalent to sodium or metal halide high bay lights ranging from 450W-1000W.

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The Advantages of LED Lighting Over Traditional Sodium and Metal Halide Industrial Lighting

  • Reduced maintenance costs (long life – over 30,000 hours).
  • An LED high bay light gives huge energy savings, using a fraction of the power of traditional high bay and offering the same level of illumination.
  • No mercury or harmful chemicals.
  • High lumen output.
  • High power efficiency > 95% (typical).
  • Instant on/off.
  • Compliance to CE, RoHS.
  • CREE LEDs or Philips Lumileds LEDs.
  • Simple to install.
Surelight LED Wall Washer Lighting Product Of The Day
Arcus LED Wall Washer/Strip Light
The Arcus LED Wall Washer/Strip Light meets the needs of lighting designers and architects by offering an exciting new array of lighting possibilities, both interior and exterior. This LED Wall Washer/Strip Light unit can be mounted to walls, floors or ceilings; both indoors and outdoors.
Surelight LED Spotlight Product Of The Day
Oceanus LED Spotlights
The Oceanus LED Spotlights are extremely robust and hard-wearing, with CREE LEDs offering high brightness and reliability. Available in a range of single colours and RGB colour mixing the LED Spotlight can create any mood or effect you desire.
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