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Novem 60cm x 60cm LED Grid Lights

Novem Back-lit LED Grid/Tile Panel Lights Novem Back-lit LED Grid/Tile Panel Lights Novem Back-lit LED Grid/Tile Panel Lights
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NOVEM 60x60 backlit LED Grid Tile



Built-in switchable driver, simply connect to mains power. Please note our online price is for the non-dimmable recessed version.

Colour Temperature
Quantity :
Product Code: 798-0059
Key Features
  • Back-lit for astonishing light distribution

  • Quick & Easy Installation

  • Dimmable with appropriate dimmable driver

  • High Lumen output

  • Long life time, rated for over 30,000hrs

  • Low energy usage

  • Mercury Free

  • Robust structure

  • No Flicker

Product Description

Surelight’s Novem 60x60 backlit LED ceiling panel offers an astonishing light distribution in comparison to other grid tiles on the market.

With a much superior optical light distribution, the Novem allows for an improved working environment. Offering a high bright, even light output and elegant design, our Novem Grid/Panel lighting system is ideal for working environments where a good working light is required.

Equivalent to standard fluorescent ceiling tile lights with the benefits of lasting much longer and providing bright light output without flicker which can cause eye strain in the working environment.

Applications include; Office lighting, waiting room lighting, retail lighting, corridor lighting, hotel lighting, architectural lighting, restaurant lighting, bar and club lighting, airports, bus station lighting, train station lighting

Available in a choice of white colours.

Lighting Performance
Colour Temperature Lumen Output CRI Minimum Lifetime
3000K, 4000K, 5700K 3600lm >80 30,000hrs
N.B Lumen values quoted on Pure White (5700K)
Input Data
Drive Current Power Supply Type Power Factor Input Connection
1500mA Constant Current >0.9 Flying Leads
Operating Details
Power Ambient Temperature Range
40W -20 to +40 °C
Physical Details
Weight Finish Ingress Protection Dimensions
3.8Kg (±10g) White IP33 595mm x 595mm x 50mm
Single LED Colours Optics
Warm White, Neutral White, Pure White 120°
Bundled Driver Specification
Input Output Current Output Voltage
100-240V AC 1500mA >24V DC
Special Features
LED Grid Panel Light Gaussian Diffuser
Close up view of Gaussian Diffuser

Gaussian Diffuser

Diffusers are an important part of many lighting applications. LEDs are directional and do not have built-in glare control. A diffuser eliminates glare and beam separation when multiple LEDs are used in a lamp (so called "scalloping").

The specially designed diffuser on the Novem LED Grid Tile uses Gaussian diffusing; a textured inner surface which refracts light without compromising light levels.

LED Grid Panel Light Diffused Optic
Close up view of Diffused Optic

Diffused Optic

The special design of the diffused optic (which covers each of the 42 back-lit LEDs inside the Novem) scatters the light to maximise the lumen output, providing astonishing light distribution.


Office LED Grid Tile Lighting
Hospital LED Grid Tile Lighting
Office LED Grid Tile Lighting
Mechanical Dimensions (Unit mm)
Novem 60cm x 60cm LED Grid Lights
Beam Angle
120° Grid Panel Light
White Grid Panel Light
Mounting Options
Recess Mounted Grid Panel Light
Recess Mounted
Surface Mounted Grid Panel Light
Available Colours
Control Options
0-10V Dimmable LED Downlight
0-10 Volts

DALI LED Downlight
PWM Dimmable LED Downlight
Pulse Width Modulation Dimmable
TriAC Dimmable  LED Downlight
Switchable LED Downlight
Safety Certification
CE Certificate
RoHS 2002/95/EC Certificate
cUL Certificate
Ingress Protection
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