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LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Lights - Building Facade Lighting LED Flood Lights - Warehouse Loading Bay Lighting LED Flood Lights - Warehouse Loading Bay Lighting

LED Floodlights

LED floodlights can be used in a host of applications and their bright lights can improve security and safety at home or work. From car parks, airports and bus & train stations to playgrounds and sporting arenas such as basketball & tennis courts and football fields, LED floodlights offer the perfect alternative to traditional floodlights. They are also an excellent choice for architectural, landscape, garden, factory, warehouse and security lighting.

Tutis LED Floodlight Range

The Tutis LED Floodlight range is Surelight's high powered LED equivalent to halogen or metal halide floodlights, offering to of the range internal components and high quality built-in drivers

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Brutus 145W LED Floodlight

The Surelight Brutus LED floodlight range offers the brightest LEDs in the world; with a lumen output of 58,000lm on the 500W model.

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Outdoor LED Floodlighting

Flood lighting demands a product that is designed to perform whatever the weather, hot and sunny, humid or damp. The Surelight multi-chip LED floodlight range brings you that solution.

Using Meanwell drivers and CREE XTETM LED’s for many of our floodlight ranges we have an unrivalled selection of exceptional quality floodlights. Suitable for permanent daily operation such as tunnel illumination to 24 hour car parking or warehouse lighting applications you can be sure you have chosen a floodlight that will not let you down when security is needed.

Other applications include: industrial factory illumination, airports, sporting arena; such as basketball, football and tennis court lighting to Oil Platforms* and architectural and landscape feature effect lighting.

The Tutis and Brutus ranges provide the ideal choice to replace traditional sodium, metal halide or halogen lamps. These fit and forget LED floodlights are virtually maintenance free. Our floodlights also use a fraction of the power of traditional lamps. With built in PIR sensor options, rust resistant fittings in areas where air-born corrosion is prevalent, dimmable options are also available.

Surelight LED Wall Washer Lighting Product Of The Day
Arcus LED Wall Washer/Strip Light
The Arcus LED Wall Washer/Strip Light meets the needs of lighting designers and architects by offering an exciting new array of lighting possibilities, both interior and exterior. This LED Wall Washer/Strip Light unit can be mounted to walls, floors or ceilings; both indoors and outdoors.
Surelight LED Spotlight Product Of The Day
Oceanus LED Spotlights
The Oceanus LED Spotlights are extremely robust and hard-wearing, with CREE LEDs offering high brightness and reliability. Available in a range of single colours and RGB colour mixing the LED Spotlight can create any mood or effect you desire.
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