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Auxilium Emergency Light Kit

Auxilium LED Emergency Lighting Kit
Product Code: 858-0008
Key Features
  • Operates LED lights as normal during healthy conditions.
  • Automatically adjusts the light output for maximum battery life during an emergency.
  • Indicator LED to ensure the emergency kit is working at all times.
Product Description

The Auxilium emergency lighting kit has been specifically designed to converting a wide range of LED luminaires and arrays, containing from 2 to 20 LEDs in series (6 to 55 Volts).

The Auxilium automatically adjusts the output LED current to provide the best match between the battery and the load, providing maximum illumination whilst ensuring full battery duration.

It is designed to be installed by breaking into the low voltage connection between the mains LED Driver and the LEDs and allows the LEDs to be operated as normal under mains healthy conditions and operated at reduced light output in an emergency.

The converter/charger module is housed in a HRN sized case and comes complete with 8 way and 4 way terminal blocks. The eight way block allows connection of unswitched 240V supply, irreversible battery connector, charge indicator LED and additional relay terminals to isolate the supply to the associated mains LED driver, whilst the four way block allows connection of two leads in from the maintaining LED driver and two out to the LEDs themselves.

The current (in mA) from the Auxilium emergency pack will depend on the voltage of the connected LEDs and the number of LEDs.

LED Voltage Range 6 - 55 Volts
No. of LEDs in Series 2 - 20
LED Current Limit 320mA
LED Voltage Limit 55 Volts
Battery Current Limit 1100mA
Mains Supply Voltage 220-240 Volts AC 50/60 Hz
Power Rating Watts 5 Watts
Power Factor 0.9
Charge Current 200mA Nominal
Recharge Period 24 hours
Battery Pack 3 x 4.5Ah D Cell Ni-Cd (NiMH on request)
Battery Cut Off Voltage 3.0 Volts
Module Size (L x W x H) 165mm x 45mm x 29mm FC = 155mm
Battery Size (L x H x D) 221mm x 37mm x 37mm FC = 205mm
Mechanical Dimensions (Unit mm)
Auxilium Mechanical Dimensions
Safety Certification
CE Certificate
RoHS 2002/95/EC Certificate
cUL Certificate
Ingress Protection
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