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EL Lighting Panels

Surelight EL Lighting Panels – A low-energy, eco-friendly and cost-effective form of illumination

Electroluminescent technology is the new paper thin, enticing light source that is revolutionizing the way businesses market their branded message to target audiences. Electroluminescent Panels (EL Panels) are set to take over back lit posters with 75% of energy saving amongst a host of other light source based products that are energy deficient, expensive and bulky. EL Panels can be used across a wide range of applications including retail displays, signage, advertising, architecture, automotive applications, entertainment, safety lighting and more.

Surelight's Electroluminescent Panels can be customised to illuminate in any size, shape, colour or sequence, making them ideal for making eye catching retail displays or engaging animated point of sale displays. Surelight's Electroluminescent Panels have been used in a wide range of bars and night clubs in both signage or in architectural roles, built into stone counter tops, tables or even floors, the list of applications of our Electroluminescent Panels is endless.

EL Panel/Strip benefits at a glance

• Remarkable energy savings

• Low-maintenance

• Extremely durable

• No heat production

• Very thin (1-2mm)

• Uniform illumination

• Safe

• Programmable

• Long life

• Low failure rate

• Very low power consumption

• Eco-friendly (no harmful chemicals - landfill-friendly)

EL Panel Products

EL Parallel panels
EL Parallel Panels
EL Strip - Split EL Panels, Light Tape, El Tape
EL Strip
EL Panel Evaluation Kits
EL Panel Evaluation Kits
EL Racing Number Panels
EL Racing Number Panels
EL Panel Inverters
EL Panel Inverters
Sureligh Path Lighting System
EL Path Lighting System

Just a few EL Panel/Strip Applications...

Electroluminescent Panel used to light a countertop at a Restaurant Electroluminescent Panels used in Automotive dashboard lighting Electroluminescent Lighing use in a Cinema as low level Safety Lighting Museum Display Lighting
Bar/Restaurant/Club Lighting
Automotive (Dashboard Lighting) Safety Lighting Museum Display Lighting
Electroluminescent Panel used on a microphobe stand for Frankmusik Retail Display lighting using Surelight White Electroluminescent Panel as a backlight Electroluminescent Panels used in a Sign Writing Project] Architectural use of Surelight's Electroluminescent Panels
Entertainment Retail Display Signage Architecture
Hotel Restaurant Reception Counter Animated EL Panel Advertising Display Electroluminescent Racecar Panels (used here by Strakka Racing) Lemans
Hotel Restaurant Counter Top Lighting Animated EL Panel Advertising Display Electroluminescent Racecar Number Panels (Available in our Online Shop)


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