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Surelight Light-Roll™

El Wire Light Roll
Product Code: 847-0001

Widely Used For

  • Rescue operations and underwater works.
  • Road works - to mark working areas.
  • Police - to mark restricted areas and detours.
  • Military - to mark mine fields, military objects and temporary runways.
  • Construction - to mark stairs and dangerous areas.
  • Wayguidance Systems - help visitors to find the way out of unfamiliar areas.

Product Description

The Surelight Light-Roll™ is based on the LEC technology (Light Emitting Capacitor) from LyTec™ Lightwire. It is an emergency lighting concept using electroluminescent wire, which provides a compact, flexible and portable lighting solution for emergency responders.

Brought to you by Surelight, the Light-Roll™ consists of a heavy duty reel carrying 25, 50 or 100 metres of illuminated wire, which packs away into a durable Pelican case for protection and storage.

It provides a completely portable lighting solution in any low-light situation, including search and rescue missions, evacuations and even diving and water rescue.

The Light-Roll™ is an incredibly versatile tool that helps greatly decrease search and rescue times, allowing rapid movement of either large crowds or small groups and can be used to ensure the safety of rescue teams as well as the general public.

It has a wide range of applications, with the potential to benefit all areas of the emergency services.

What makes Light-Roll™ from Surelight so useful?

Surelight Light-Roll Cave Lighting

Light-Roll offers a breakthrough in safety solutions: Clear, visual communication in limited viability conditions.

Light-Roll provides a highly flexible, durable and reliable self illuminating lifeline to guide you through harsh environments and operational conditions.

• Essential visual communication tool for first responder teams.
• Ingress/Egress marking for low light environments (for both responders and survivors).
• Delineates exit/escape routes, emergency exits, and stairwells.
• Easily moved if the shortest and safest route changes.
• Employed by first responders, firefighters, law enforcement units and special forces/military personnel.
• Suitable for power failures, fire scenes, high rise buildings, construction sites, tunnels/caves, deep sea diving and virtually any indoor/outdoor disaster site where temporary delineation is needed.

Surelight Light-Roll™ Specifications

Surelight Light Roll
Battery Operated:
The battery provides over two hours function at power failure
Power Supply:
Power cord plugs in a wall socket (230V 50Hz)
Charging: Automatic re-charging. 24 hours if the battery is fully drained
EL Wire:
50 or 100 meter on a Pack reel, colour Aqua, 5mm Ø
Safety: IEC-60598-1 4000V, IEC-60598-1 850° IP67 IK10 -30° - +50° C
Chemical Resistance: Thermal stability, stability, resistance to abrasion, fungi and permeability to gases and liquids comply with the properties of outward insulating coating made of PVDF. Acids, salt solutions, oxidants, halogens, alcohols, chlorinated solvents, aliphatic hydrocarbons, petrol. High Resistance to nuclear radiation.
Size: W 330mm x H 280mm x D 120mm, 5kg.
Storage: Includes transport and storage casing


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