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Surelight Path Lighting System (SPLS)

Path Lighting System EL Strip Tape Light

Surelight Path Lighting System (SPLS) - Safety/Emergency, Low Level Lighting

lluminated by Surelight EL Strip, the world’s widest, thinnest, longest light bulb. Provide an uninterrupted illuminated path to the nearest exit with a continuous light source located near the floor and framing the door of the appropriate emergency exit paths.

Key Features

State-of-the-art Electroluminescent (EL) Lighting Technology provides:

  • Unsurpassed visibility in smoke or fog without disorientating bright spots of light.

  • Economical and Easy to install in new or retrofit installations.

  • Automatic Battery Backup in case of power failure.

Why is EL Strip Unique?

Our Surelight Path Lighting System (SPLS) will enhance existing emergency exit systems for an unparalleled level of safety.

Smoke rises, potentially obscuring traditional exit signs, so add a level of safety by lighting the path at lower levels.

The Surelight Path Lighting System (SPLS) utilises Surelight electroluminescent strip to clearly indicate exit paths in dark or smoke filled passages. People who may be unfamiliar with the building layout will have a better chance of seeing and finding existing emergency exits.

Surelight EL strip are a truly differentiating source of light over other lighting technologies due to its visibility and ability to withstand shock and vibration. Since there is no filament to break, there cannot be a catastrophic failure, assuring it will light when needed. In addition, ELlight strip is environmentally friendly with no hazardous materials and are maintenance-free.

Efficient Safety Lighting

A system consisting of 300 meters of continuous light will draw less than 150 watts of power, enabling use of standard battery systems for backup of 8 hours or more with no degradation of light output.

Effective Emergency Lighting

Electroluminescent lighting technology is proven to have superior visibility over all other conventional lighting in smoke and fog. Surelight EL lighting strip emit a field of light, not a point source. Green-Blue colour does not impair night vision and is visible from considerable distances.

Easy to Install Path Lighting

  • Utilises our Surelight Path Lighting Raceway & Track extrusion system for mounting on wall surfaces with standard hand tools and off the shelf fittings and accessories.
  • Coils of Surelight EL strips are cut to length on site using ordinary scissors and specially designed connectors.
  • Controller can be located several hundred meters from each strip termination with power wiring in the form of double-insulated 18 gauge wire.

Dependable EL Strip

  • System can be wired redundantly to feed the strip from both ends simultaneously
  • EL strip can be spliced together or lengths can be added in the field
  • The SPLS is UL listed with a design life of over 30 years

Path Lighting System Controller

The Surelight Path Lighting System (SPLS) controller is an integrated AC power supply/inverter operating on standard line voltages, supplying split electrode, electroluminescent strip. The controller incorporates standard lead acid batteries and an automatic switching relay to ensure uninterrupted operation of the pathway marking system in the event of loss of the building power supply. External control inputs activate the system via a signal from fire alarm or other emergency systems. The system can be designed as completely stand alone or engineered as an addressable location on any Fire Alarm system. Multiple controllers can be wired together for installations requiring more than a single controller capacity or where multiple zones may be desired.


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