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About Surelight

Since the inception of the Surelight brand in 1998, we have been dedicated to providing cutting edge lighting solutions.

Initially focusing on electroluminescent (EL) materials including EL wire and EL panels, Olmec Advanced Materials Ltd expanded their product range sold under the Surelight brand to include LED-based lighting solutions in 2005. The Surelight brand offers high-end sustainable LED luminaires to suit demanding architectural and commercial applications for both indoor and outdoor use.

With corporate headquarters in Sheffield, Yorkshire in the UK, Olmec Advanced Materials and its Surelight brand excel in offering solutions for the creative visions of architects, M&E’s and lighting designers across the globe.

A complete range of LED Lighting products available in one place, bulbs, down-lights, spotlights, wall washers, strip-lights, floodlights, In-ground, grid/ceiling tiles, tubes, bay lighting, lighting fixtures, flexible strips, modules and control.

With this comprehensive range of LED products in an array of white and single colours plus RGB colour mixing, Surelight offer distinguished lighting solutions for a varied and diverse range of applications, giving you almost unlimited options.

Our friendly and highly knowledgeable staff are available to guide you when in need of technical assistance.

We can offer photometric data using DIALUX simulations, providing lighting analysis for given projects.

Our technical staff have the expertise to advise you on the various LED lighting options available, including the numerous dimming and differing control systems: PWM, 0-10V, TriAC, Dali & DMX. From simple stand-alone solutions to complex automation systems such as Lutron, Mode, Rako, Control 4 etc, our luminaires are compatible. We offer various options for RGB and RGBW control for colour mixing LED luminaires. Emergency options include; maintained, non-maintained, self-test and self contained options.

Surelight is a lighting brand developed by Olmec Advanced Materials Ltd who will celebrate 25 years of business in 2015.

Olmec’s other key area of business is the field of carbon products. These materials are at the forefront of some exciting new developments, including fuel cells, nano-technology and graphene. Traditional graphite materials are supplied to aerospace, nuclear, semi-conductor and powder metallurgy industries that rely on our expertise to manufacture their materials using our carbon products.

Our diversification into lighting began in 1998 into the new area of electroluminescent (EL) technology. The Surelight brand has become synonymous with EL. Our client base is worldwide and diverse. From the Disney Corporation to Jaguar-Land Rover, many of whom now use our LED luminaires to illuminate their premises.

Surelight LED Wall Washer Lighting Product Of The Day
Arcus LED Wall Washer/Strip Light
The Arcus LED Wall Washer/Strip Light meets the needs of lighting designers and architects by offering an exciting new array of lighting possibilities, both interior and exterior. This LED Wall Washer/Strip Light unit can be mounted to walls, floors or ceilings; both indoors and outdoors.
Surelight LED Spotlight Product Of The Day
Oceanus LED Spotlights
The Oceanus LED Spotlights are extremely robust and hard-wearing, with CREE LEDs offering high brightness and reliability. Available in a range of single colours and RGB colour mixing the LED Spotlight can create any mood or effect you desire.
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