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EL Strip
EL Strip EL Strip EL Strip

EL Strip (Split EL Panel)

EL Strip or Split EL Panel is manufactured using a roll to roll manufacturing process It is not screen printed like EL Parallel Panels. Whilst EL Parallel Panels are great for certain appliations (Animated Retail Displays for example) EL Strip/Split EL Panel has advantages in other areas; there is no electrical busbar running through the lamp. Electrical connectors can be anywhere on the lamp. Our EL Strip/Split EL Panel has Edge to edge illumination, with no busbar to hide around the outside. Each EL Strip/ Split EL Panel can be hundreds of meters long. Our EL Strip/Split EL Panel can be cut into any shape with something as basic as scissors.

Why EL Strip/Split El Panel?

  • Ultra thin - 0.025" (0.06 cm)
  • Uniform illumination
  • Very long Rolls of Strip are possible
  • Durable

Application Possibilities

  • Back Lighting
  • Point of Sale Displays
  • Sinage Displays
  • Halo/Cove Lighting
  • Acent Lighting
  • Decorative Lighting
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Edge Lit Acrylic

Basic Colours

Surelight EL Strip/ Split EL Panel is manufactured in two basic colours:

  • ‘Aqua’ utilises a mix of natural Blue & Green phosphor crystals which, combined, give the best brightness and life available.
  • ‘White’ is made by adding a dye to the phosphor mix during manufacturing. When energised, the Blue/Green color is shifted by the dye to appear as a pure White color of 5400 degrees Kelvin.

6 colour overlays are available

Colour overlays are available, however these are specialist non-stock items - delivery will take from 4-6 weeks.

Technical information

Click here to download our EL Strip/Split EL Panel Technical Data Sheet Click here to download EL Strip Technical Data Sheet

Purchasing Surelight EL Strip/Split EL Panel

If you would like to purchase Surelight's EL Strip/ Split EL Panel - Please contact us by Telephone: +44(0)114 236 1606 or by Email:

EL Strip/Split EL Panel Applications

EL Strip Architectural Use EL Strip Meeting Desk Franz Ferdinand - Stage Lighting with EL Strip

Edge Lit Acrylic Signage Stage Lighting Microphone Stand Lighting

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